The Tim_Cat has spoken...NNNeeeaaaAAAHH!!!

11 March 1972
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Wow...a mini biography about me....I have finally arrived!! :) Well let's see.....I live in the SF Bay Area lived here all my life (In business since 1972). I am married as of October 2008 or at least until the B*tches in California have there way and nullify my marriage which I am hoping will not happen. I have a Psychology Degree (I don't have one of those couches yet though) and I currently work as a manager in the telecommunications industry. I am a rather shy kid (yes I said kid even though I am 30ish something!) but friendly to most anyone who is friendly to me :) I am partial to folks who keep an open mind. I am kind of a Movie buff, love the Cartoons ( Family Guy, Futurama, Spongebob), Friends is one of my all time favorite shows eva, Will and Grace (miss them), QAF (miss them too) anything with pretty people. :) I am also into cars.....anything shiny and goes Vrrrooooom I am a fan of (lol)! Well want to know more you'll have to ask :) Go ahead I won't bite :)